When I started watching this ad, I thought it was about the cruelty of sending animals into space, in particular apes; the part where the chimp looks at the photo of himself hugging the man is when my heart started to break, and when he reached out for Earth, I full-on cried. They abandoned the chimpanzee!, I thought; he’ll never see Earth or his man again! This is the saddest thing! How can anyone think experimenting on animals is acceptable, especially sending sentient beings into fucking outer space with no intention of bringing them back? What the fuck is wrong with people?

Then the video ended, and I realized it’s not about, say, the Great Ape Protection Act (still in committee), but just saving the planet or whatever. Because a chimpanzee could survive in a tiny capsule for 65 years without going insane, or dying of loneliness. I get the idea, WWF, Leo Burnett and Ben Lee, but fuck you guys anyway for ignoring the larger issue literally staring us in the face: chimpanzees, and all animals, aren’t our property to send into space or use for pharmaceutical testing or wear or eat or breed. This is rather a larger issue than “Please don’t litter.”

[link from Daily Dish]

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