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imageHello, friends! I told you I was going to Young’s first pop-up restaurant a few weeks ago but I’ve yet to tell you how it was. It was fun! It was pretty hectic but I assume that will work itself out as there are more events. It was also pretty cramped, so I think when I go back I will bring 3 friends so we get our own table. Otherwise, you share. People were nice though, I just like my space. Oh and the staff was so nice and so amazing! Seriously, our server was so nice and very knowledgeable about the food. But, most importantly of all, the food was yummy! My pictures came out dark so Young’s sent me some of these lovely photos Kate Lewis of my favorite dishes. 

Our favorite dish was the carrot spaetzele (pictured up top)! It was a sweet and savory noodle dish. The roasted carrots on top were a perfect mix of sweet and charred!


Here’s the banana split of Neapolitan ice cream, black cherries and hot fudge. One hundred thumbs up! The chocolate ice cream was so chocolatey, I almost died.

We also loved the smoked hen of the woods mushroom dish but the hummus under it could have been more exciting. I like hummus but I’ve just had so much of it by now! But the mushroom was excellent. I loved the smoky flavor and the texture was perfect.  

If you missed this pop-up or just want more, I’m happy to tell you the next Young’s pop-up is here! Young’s will be hosting another all vegan dinner at Old Bowery Station on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Get your tickets here! It’s $40 for dinner and then a little more for the beer or cocktail pairing (the beer and cocktail pairing have gone down a little, so I think I will def spring for the beer pairing). I hear tickets are selling out fast so if you want to go, get your ticket asap! The menu looks good! It’s 3 courses and stars fava beans (my favarite!), ramps, and beets. Quite the trifecta! 


NYC: Young’s next pop-up dinner is almost here! Let’s get down with American vegan food!  »


Young’s, a cool NYC vegan catering company, is now hosting a pop-up series! And the next one is happening March 6th and 7th. That’s soon! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Young, a founder and the chef behind Young’s. I’m not going to say I’m in love, because you know my heart is made of ice cold stone, but it’s something close to that. 

The event is at Old Bowery Station and it sounds super awesome (because BOOZE):

Sticking to our roots, we will be offering vegetable based menus with an emphasis on American foods. All dishes consist of both a food component and a beer or cocktail component (or neither, if you’re not a drinker).

The beverages complete the dishes - foods are chosen with drinks in mind, and drinks are chosen with foods in mind. We are working with some of the best vegetable-minded chefs and mixologists in the city to create this truly unique experience.

You can get tickets here! It’s only $45 ($65 with cocktail or beer pairing), which is the cheapest pop-up price I’ve seen in this city. So basically, my dreams have come true. 

Also, let’s have a party and hire them to cater! They have an ENTIRE MENU of CANAPÉS for passed hors d’oeuvres. Why do I ever eat food that’s not canapés? I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life.    

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