UK animal welfare organization OneKind is one of the sixteen finalists in YouTube’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards! The award recognizes nonprofits that best use new media to convey their message. OneKind is the only animal organization to make it! Sorry, I mean organisation (cultural spelling humor! timeless).

The video is cool but it could be a lot shorter. There’s kind of a rule in advertising that a video should never be over two minutes and should preferably be under 90 seconds. What do you want? Society has A.D.D.!

There are only a few days left to vote so go over and vote for your faves!


I’m not typically a fan of vegan parodies. The overuse of stereotypes is fun! Hey, vegans eat granola and tofu, how FUNNY IS THAT?! So, I was skeptical when I heard about a YouTube video series called VEGAN MEAL TIME created by the boys of Getting Friendly. The thumbnail showed a nerdy, skinny kid with black square-framed glasses. Nailed it! But then I watched all two vids, created to mock the bacon-tastic and horrifically disgusting site Epic Meal Time, which features bros making things like cupcakes filled with chicken hearts—seriously, what the eff?

And then I laughed…Oh, did I LAUGH. Vegan Meal Time, ya done good, restoring my faith in vegans’ ability to be funny and make fun of ourselves. Zing! The parodies were pretty on point.

The first video involved the making of a holiday Tofurkey. “Gobble gobble, bitches!” And it didn’t contain what you’d expect. “Seaweed strip, seaweed strip, seaweed strip!” There was also some bunny-licking, lots of soy sauce, and more peanut butter. Just check it out. “You can taste the B-12!”

The jokes were apparently lost on some of the Epic Meal Time fans on YouTube—clearly vegans don’t ACTUALLY eat spaghetti and peanut butter inside turkey stuffing. Jesus. It’s a better parody than I thought if people don’t realize these aren’t actual recipes; the point is to call out the gluttony of bacon-fiends. Some “flower power” never hurt anybody, bitch.

I’m hoping these kids make some more videos soon. I’ve got an addiction and the only cure is more Vegan Meal Time. Hit me.

This guest post was brought to us by Jessi Stafford! Jessi is originally from St. Louis-ish. She’s now squandering her fortune while freelancing in Baton Rouge. A University of Missouri Journalism grad, Jessi uses her degree for cocktail-drinking, and she loves hyperbole and whoring around thrift stores.


Sharks of Kuwait, sharks of D.C.  »

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) spent the second-to-last day of the Senate before its “autumn recess” complaining about Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) attempt to pass, among other animal protection legislation,* S. 850, the Shark Conservation Act. This is the Senate’s version of H.R. 81, which passed the House in March 2009; both bills would “prohibit removal any of the fins of a shark (including the tail) and discarding the shark carcass at sea,” and make even possessing shark fins unattached to shark bodies illegal. This is good stuff! But could Sen. Dr. Tom “rampant lesbianism” Coburn allow the Senate to save hundreds of thousands of sharks? What are you, new? Apparently the bill has “been proffered for special interest groups,” but not special interest groups that give Tom Coburn money, so it’s not worth his precious time.

All over the world, actually, sharks are being slaughtered at an obscene rate. In this episode of Witness, Al Jazeera’s documentary show, a small crew chums the waters of the Arabian Gulf off Kuwait looking for sharks. It’s narrated and filmed in an almost emotionless manner, but some of the scenes are heart-wrenching. Shark embryos are said to be a source of virility, so even though adult sharks aren’t usually eaten, the unborn babies are. It’s 22 minutes long, and completely astonishing. As one of the researchers says, anyone can go to South Africa and see a white shark, but who even knows to go to Kuwait? Definitely watch it in full screen.

[can’t see the video? watch it at]

For further information on international work to protect sharks, visit the Shark Alliance, or the Pew Charitable Trusts Shark Conservation campaign.

*The other legislation ol’ Harry Reid was looking to get passed was “the Crane Conservation Act, marine mammals rescue assistance legislation, the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act, and the Southern Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act.” Man, fuck that Tom Coburn. Fuck him right in the ear.

Update: Let’s not forget that Sen. Coburn has also placed holds on legislation that would give $1 billion to Haiti; make settlements worth $3.4 billion with Native Americans and black farmers; allow the government to purchase land to build a National Women’s History Museum; give aid to victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda; provide financial aid and training to caregivers of disabled veterans, investigate “unsolved Civil Rights-era crimes from before 1970”; help prevent veterans from committing suicide; and also, the Genetic Information Non-Disclosure Act. Why? Who knows? Maybe Jesus told him to be a hateful human being with no compassion whatsoever! Fuck that guy in both ears.


Roosters are the most frightening/the motherfucking BEST! Okay, I started playing this and my dog seriously ran out of the room t-t-terrified so therefore I must give it the rating: NSFP (Not Suitable For Puppies!).

Thanks for the hot tip, Eve!

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